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Ministry of Education to Subsidize Qualified Teachers for Teaching in New Southbound Friendly Nations Projects


I. Program Objective:

      The Ministry of Education (MOE) carried out the “New Southbound Policy”, and on August 28, 2018 announced the “Guidelines Governing the Pilot Project of the Ministry of Education to Subsidize Qualified Teachers for Teaching in New Southbound Friendly Nations” to assist the mentioned nations in increasing the number of junior high school and primary school teachers, as well as to increase the diversity of employment opportunities and to strengthen individuals’ teaching experience for the certified teacher trainees of our nation. Through allowances and subsidies from the government, this project enables Taiwanese teachers with the intention to experience teaching in foreign nations to begin their brand new life of teaching overseas without concerns! Through this program, certified teacher trainees who are passionate about devoting themselves to overseas school education can fully utilize their teaching expertise and spread their passion and ideas of education to other countries, while enriching their teaching experiences and broadening their international horizons. This project can increase the number of overseas Chinese teachers, and fulfill the vocation of teaching talents without borders. 


II. Implementation Methods

1. Subsidy Candidates:

      The subjects of this pilot project must have the citizenship of the Republic of China (R.O.C) (Taiwan), and have residency in the region of the R.O.C (Taiwan), and must be the certified teacher trainees with valid teaching certificates for senior high school level and below, as well as preschools. They can apply for the MOE Subsidies for Heading to Schools in the New Southbound Friendly Nations to be full-time teachers according to the Guidelines.


2. Subsidy Items:

  • Salary: A Monthly salary, a year-end bonus, and an evaluation bonus are included. A monthly salary (including the basic salary and professional allowances) is given according to the baseline of the Teacher Remuneration Act, and the salary grade advancement must include the of being a teacher. A year-end bonus is given according to the current year’s Guidelines for Disbursement of Military, Public, and Teaching Personnel Year-end Work Bonus from the Executive Yuan. The evaluation bonus is given according to the Regulation Governing Teacher Performance Evaluation in Public and Private Senior High Schools and below.

  • Living Allowance: This is provided according to the location of the teacher’s employment school and the actual terms of the employment.

  • Travel Allowance: Subsidies for economy class airfares for the most direct flight from our nation to the teaching employment nation (Airlines with Taiwan registration must be taken as a priority).