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The Establishment of the Life Education Middle-Term Project Enabling Students to Comprehend Values of Life


        In addition to enabling students to gain knowledge, education also plays a very important role in assisting students to gain more understanding of the values of life, and in cultivating students with a correct view of life. In this way, all people can enjoy a healthy physical and mental condition, as well as the capabilities of shouldering social responsibilities.

        The Ministry of Education established the Life Education Middle-Term Project (107-110 academic year), which has been carried out since August 1, 2018. With the following three dimensions, the MOE has planned the required operational affairs of education administration authorities and of schools at all levels: policy planning and promotion, course teaching and teacher education, and research development and global connection. In addition, this project is jointly promoted through means of formal, informal, and hidden curricula, combined with programs related to emotional education, service learning, and physical fitness activities.

        Life Education has been delivered as a single subject in the “Integrative Activities” field. The key learning focal points in primary and junior high school education also include the significant learning contents of life education. Through the 20-year operation of life education in Taiwan, schools at all levels have formulated their own school-developed curriculum or school features of life education, to become one of the important parts of each school’s campus culture, and this has gradually ripened into one of the featured educational patterns of our nation. The MOE will achieve more development of life education in the future, to be connected with the international trends of globalization. The MOE will continuously promote our nation’s patterns of life education experiences and achievements in development, and share them with the international world via academic interchange activities; and hence, establish the academic interchange platform of life education.