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Internet Gender Violence Prevention - The Promotional Theme of Friendly Campus Week in the Academic Year 109


In response to the vigorous development of photographic technology and online media, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is expanding the promotion of ‘Internet Gender Violence Prevention’ during ‘Friendly Campus Week’ in the first semester of the academic year 109. The MOE is organizing schools at all levels to provide specific and effective course teaching and promotional activities within a month. This is to enhance students’ competence in responding to digital gender violence events, including enhancing network etiquette and rejecting illegal behaviors, thus reducing their risk of becoming victims in the online world.

Schools should utilize large-scale gathering occasions of morning or weekly assembly for presidents to promote ‘Internet Gender Violence Prevention’ to all teachers and students in schools. Schools should also combine resources with the government and the private sector to emphasize meanings of respect, care, empathy, tolerance, safety, and participation, thus furthering the foundation of the friendly campus.

When students encounter leaked private videos and photos, there are two things they must keep in mind. First, they must not delete any information, videos and photos, to avoid failure to preserve relevant evidence which can affect subsequent processing. Second, they must proactively preserve the complete evidence: through recording the content of website addresses, screenshots of website pictures or conversation text, the evidence can be preserved. In addition, victims can apply to the appeal system, the ‘Institute of Watch Internet Network’(iWIN), to remove the videos and photos. In the event that the evidence has been preserved, iWIN will immediately contact and communicate with the platform operators to ask them to assist in removing the private videos and photos.

Teachers in schools at all levels should pay attention to the problems that students may encounter in the online world, and shape students' awareness of abiding by the law and network literacy through education from an early age. This will assist students to avoid becoming victims or offenders in the future, and maintain a friendly and safe environment for children to learn and grow up in cyberspace.