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Taking part in intense summer English class, students’ English ability makes a great leap

In order to activate teachers’ English teaching and raise students’ English ability at all school levels, the Ministry of Education (MOE) planned to develop an “English education action plan (including strategy) at all school levels” in December 2010. Besides, through short-term intense and effective training, students’ English curriculum and workplace competitiveness at all school levels will be upgraded, and teachers’ English teaching ability will be raised. As a result, to meet technological students’ characteristics and workplace needs, the MOE commissioned English teaching/ Learning resource centers in the north, central area, and south to plan a “Technological University and College Intense English Learning Program”. Through an all-English learning environment, small-class, and intensive training, etc., every effort will be made to help students from university and college of Science and Technology English ability to leap forward.
All participating students were accommodated during training period. In class and in evenings, teaching assistants (TAs) were arranged to help students to practice and discuss teaching content, to construct an all-English learning environment. The training included an advanced program, such as English listening and conversation, English reading and writing; a workplace English program, such as English simulation interviews, business e-mail, social English, international etiquette, etc.; and a professional English program, such as technological English (north), business management English (central), and tourism English (south).
3 classes were held in 2012 for this project with excellent results. Students who had taken part in it saw their General English Proficiency Test scores rise by up to 13 points on average before and after, and TOEIC scores up to 81 points. Among them, those who made most progress saw their TOEIC scores rise from 555 to 800 points.
In order to aggressively upgrade college and university students’ job searching skills and workplace English capability and answering ability and effectively cultivate English application talent for professional workplace, this project continues in 2012 and expands to 12 classes, estimated trainees up to 450. For more information, please contact English teaching resource centers in the north, central area or south, or visit