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MOE pioneers Education Film Festival 2007

MOE pioneers Education Film Festival 2007

Educational films and documentaries in Taiwan have been growing rapidly, and the government's efforts to promote education never stop. To encourage public discussions on the current education situation, the Ministry of Education (MOE) pioneered the Education Film Festival 2007 (EFF). Besides inviting parents, teachers and students across the country to participate in the event with films on educational issues, the MOE organized the International Education Film Demonstration Festival to promote public participation in discussions on educational issues by organizing nationwide tour exhibitions, seminars and composition contests. All citizens are welcome to join us.

Education Minister Tu Cheng-sheng and ministers of the Government Information Office (GIO) and Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) announced the start of the event at a press conference held on December 26. According to Minister Tu, MOE pioneered the event for two reasons: to promote participations and discussions and to broaden the view of education in order to arouse public concern for educational issues and to let the public understand more about the changes in education of Taiwan; to create space to attract public involvement for interpreting, understanding and review the current status of education by organizing EFF.

Minister Tu pointed out: education is professional and indispensable from every citizen. As different people have different views on the same issue, only rational and objective thinking and analysis of these issues can find out problems to facilitate correct decision-making in the future. Otherwise, many effects are unpredictable. Visualization of educational issues through films allows us to return to the facts and discuss without bias. EFF is also an opportunity for MOE to listen to the voices from the society and so to think positively about every decision on education. This is prime objective of the event.

MOE wishes that the EFF 2007 can record the process of educational reform in Taiwan without distortion and allows the public to reconsider the current education situation and people to see the trace of education progress in Taiwan. Besides soliciting educational films, the event can stimulate citizen participation; and team up the authority, schools and communities to review the current status of education in Taiwan. The International Education Film Demonstration Festival which introduces foreign education films can also broaden the view of education in Taiwan.

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