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MOE Promotes High-Grade Science Education in High Schools

MOE Promotes High-Grade Science Education in High Schools
In the 2006 International Mathematics and Science Olympiads, the delegates from Taiwan performed well by taking away ten gold medals, eleven silver medals, and two bronze medals.

In the International Chemistry Olympiad, the delegates from Taiwan ranked second to China.

"Since we joined the Asian Mathematics Olympiad in 1991the Taiwan delegates have won 117 gold medals, 184 silver medals, 137 bronze medals and 66 honorable awards," said Tu Cheng Sheng, Minister of Education.

"Their outstanding performance show that the science education in high schools in Taiwan is solid and complete," he said.

Moreover, eight students who participated in the 2006 Asian Physics Olympiad in Kazakhstan won two gold medals, two silver medals and four bronze medals. Ten students won one gold medal, two silver medals, four bronze medals and three honorable awards in the Asian Mathematics Olympiad.

In 2005, the Ministry of National Education in France entered into an agreement with Taiwan's Ministry of Education to select some high school graduates with excellent grades in mathematics and science to attend the Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles (the preparatory classes for aux Grandes Écoles, the best institute of higher education developing scientific talents in France) every year.

The selected students enjoy free tuition during the preparatory classes for two years and once they enter the Grandes Écoles, the French government will subsidize 90 percent of the tuition for the tree-year technology institute courses after which the students receive master's degrees.

To encourage the outstanding performance of students, the MOE enacted the Preferred Status Admission to Institutions of Higher Education for Awardees of International Mathematics and Science Olympiads and International Science Fairs enacted by MOE guarantee admission of such students into institutions of higher learning and to give them scholarships.

The MOE also plans to grant subsidies to the teachers of the awarded students.

"It is always the MOE's goal to promote high-grade science education in high schools. To get our science education onto the international track, it is necessary for our students to regularly participate in international contests and interact with the global youth elite," said Tu.

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