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Taiwan marathoner wins in Sahara Marathon

Taiwan marathoner wins in Sahara Marathon

Super marathoner Lin Yi-Chieh of Taiwan has recently created a world record for walking across the Sahara. Education Minister Tu Cheng-sheng specially summoned him on March 2 to honor his globally famous act. Besides praising Lin's excellent performance in the super marathon, Minister Tu pointed out that Lin's courage to challenge the adversities for realizing his dream has set a best example for young students.

Lin is a second-year student of the Graduate Institute of Sport and Leisure Education, National Chung Cheng University. He has won the first prize in the Atacama Crossing in Chili, the second prize in the Amazon Marathon and the Sahara Marathon, and the group champion in the Gobi Marathon; and championed the Four Deserts Race.

Recently, he and 2 foreign marathoners crossed the Sahara within 111 days, from November 2, 2006 to February 20, 2007, from Senegal to Cairo in Egypt via Mauritania, Mail, Niger and Libya. It is a world record which makes him and the country proud.

Besides an eminent college athlete, Lin has been the speaker of the National University and College Games 2005. His assiduous and progressive attitude is worthy of honoring and modeling by all nationals. At the meeting, Minister Tu invited Lin to be the speaker of other major MOE sports events and encouraged Lin to continue to win glory for the country.

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