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Having Your Own Splendid Life in Technical and Vocational Education

Having Your Own Splendid Life in Technical and Vocational Education
The Ministry of Education had some guests June 8th. Students and alumni from technical and vocational schools had been invited to share their experiences with the vocational education system and showcase their educational achievements.

Minister Tu was present and he commented that some enjoy splendid achievements as a result of their vocational education. Touching on a common problem with students being pressured to take a course that is not appropriate, he said: "Parents should help children make correct decisions," added Tu.

Yang Hsin, graduated from Shi Pai Junior High School with distinction and chose to move on to Taipei Hua Kang Arts School because to fulfill an interest in performance: "I know my child being determined to study arts and realized that choosing her favorite subject may help develop confidences," said the mother of Yang Hsin, "Once she took serious about her study, I gave my full supports to her decision."

Students from tech universities also shared that they have made fruitful achievements by participating in competitions, gaining them more confidence in job hunting.

The alumni also suggested that students who often struggle with homework can instead catch up cultivate vocational skills in the vocational education system.

Many students in the vocational education system have created lives of bounty. You who are still unsure whether you should study in a university or take technical and vocational education are always welcome to register in the Vo-Tech system and build a magnificent life of your own.

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