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Education ministry holds "Biotech 2007: R&D Accomplishments" press meeting

Education ministry holds "Biotech 2007: R&D Accomplishments" press meeting
The Ministry of Education "Biotech 2007: R&D Accomplishments" press conference was held on July 11 showcasing results presented by 7 technical colleges and universities, such as National PingTung University of Science & Technology. Among them, many of the research results have already completed the technology transfer cycle with contractual development agreements with manufacturing plants concluded.
The R & D accomplishments of this biotech event are oriented to accommodate market demand, and they are derived from schools working in conjunction with manufacturers specifically to avoid development of products that do not take market need into consideration. For instance, the Tainan University of Technology has successfully invented a formula using Auricularia polytricha to help lower lipids and cholesterol in the bloodstream, and as much as NT$0.2 billion of sales has been generated in the past four years since technology transfer to a manufacturing plant and joint development was completed.

Three cosmetic mask were shown at the press conference:

  • The National Pingtung University of Science and Technology has made use of acetic acid bacteria as a fibrous membrane material to successfully develop his "Biological mask."
  • Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science has also put forth its "Antrodia cinnamomea mask." The mask maintains its collagen functions.
  • Fooyin University has made use of freezing and dehydration technology to extract the plant hormone from cacti juice to develop "Kinetin mask."
Chung Hwa Univesity of Medical Technology has successfully established our first lactobacillus strain database, and it has helped identify various kinds of functional probiotics, which have rendered tremendous contributions to the development of new species of lactobacillus within the country. Tajen University, on the other hand, has successfully developed an antibody against Helicobacter pylori from chickens, which can effectively suppress and eliminate Helicobacter pylori.

Fooyin University announced at the press meeting that it will, for the first time, apply genetic polymorphisms technology onto commercial employment on the identification of parent-child and medical molecule examination, and develop fast genetic examination method that requires fewer samples to produce high accuracy results. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology has made use of supra-efficient fine dust filter to develop the latest type of isolation feeding system for animal so that the accuracy of experiments based on statistics derived from animal experimentation can be enhanced.

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