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Some outstanding students prefer vocational schools

Some outstanding students prefer vocational schools
After the results of the second Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Students were published, some students who scored high in the test said they preferred to study in vocational schools instead of traditional high schools.
The MOE on July 25 held a meeting with some brilliant students studying in vocational schools and alumni sharing their personal experience.

Huang Jian-jun, a graduate of the Taipei College of Maritime Technology, gave up the chance to study finance at the National Taipei University to pursue his dream of being a ship captain.

He is now a happy seaman with a certification of first class deck officer and an annual salary over NT$1,000,000.

Hsiao Yu-lun, who got perfect scores in the English part of the Basic Competence Test, also chose the Kaohsiung Hospitality College rather than a traditional high school.

The Muzha Vocational High School graphic department student Chen Jeng-ting has much talent in both mathematics and aesthetics even though he suffers from Asperger Syndrome. This year, he hand-designed a book for Mother's Day and won the top prize at the Mother's Day Painting Competition in Taipei City. He also organized his own painting exhibition at the Taipei Songshan Airport.

Chen Tzu-fei, a teacher at the Tzu Chi College of Technology, said that after graduating from the Hung Kuang Nursing College, she participated in Asia's first heart transplant surgery. She was also the first student without previous working experience to enter the Nursing Graduate School of the University of Adelaide in Australia. She has been active in doing medical volunteer work all over the world and was one of those who received an award for the19th Outstanding Women of Republic of China.

The Minister of Education Tu Cheng-sheng was also present during the meeting. He said that the overall rise in test scores among vocational school students show that Taiwan people have gotten rid of the stereotype that only bad students attend vocational schools and have started to accept the advantages studying in a vocational school brings to our young men.

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