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Ministry of Education's 2007 Awards Ceremony to Commend Outstanding Special Education Workers

Ministry of Education's 2007 Awards Ceremony to Commend Outstanding Special Education Workers
To boost special education workers' morale and enthusiasm, urge the public to care about special education and value the efforts of special education workers, MOE on September 20, 2007 held an awards ceremony to commend outstanding special education workers. The ceremony was presided over by Minister Tu Cheng-sheng.

This year 33 outstanding workers were chosen to receive commendation. These were hardworking, devoted teachers who had over the years devoted themselves to special education. Some of them made notable contributions to teaching and guiding special students as well as to administrative affairs, while others significantly improved teaching materials and aids and promoted adapted physical education.

Minister Tu expressed his recognition and praise for the award winners. He said being a special education teacher was more difficult than being a regular teacher. Special education teachers often feel tense. They often feel as if there is an invisible thread coming from their hearts and reaching out to each special education student. The troubles they go through and the attention they pay are touching. Their unselfish devotion should be made known to educators across the nation.

Education is the foundation of all nations and the driving force of national development and progress. The quality of special education is a key indicator of whether a country is moving towards becoming a developed country. In addition to professional knowledge and skills in special education, special education workers need to be caring, patient and creative if they are to become competent special education workers. With the guidance of capable instructors, special education students' competitive edges and potential can be better harnessed. Physical and temporal gaps can be closed using science and technology, while the distance between people needs to be changed by moving the heart and soul.

In addition to commending devoted, hardworking special education workers, it is hoped that more outstanding special education workers can be found and more people can be attracted to become special education workers. Their contribution to special education will benefit special education students and allow the public to know, understand and value special education.

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