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Announcing the list of awardees for the 2007 "Public Welfare Award for Social Education"

Announcing the list of awardees for the 2007 "Public Welfare Award for Social Education"
To reward exemplary individuals and groups who have contributed to the society in the area of education and to promote good examples to the citizens of Taiwan, every year the Ministry of Education honors these individuals and groups by presenting them the "Public Welfare Award for Social Education" and making the award ceremony a memorable experience for all who attend. This year marks the 33rd time the "Public Welfare Award for Social Education" is going to be presented. 27 organizations have been selected for "Public Welfare Group Award for Social Education" and 30 individuals have been selected for "Public Welfare Individual Award for Social Education ". Representatives from 2 of the awarded organizations - the Children Are Us Foundation and the Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei and Mr. Qiu Ah-Tu, who has contributed his lifetime's worth of knowledge and experience to Lanyang Literature will share their thoughts with the audience. The award presentation ceremony will be on November 12th 2007 and the presenter will be Chou Tsan-Der, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education.

These organizations and individuals whom specialize in different academic realms have contributed greatly in different areas of education including spiritual revolution, community education, environmental education, consumer education, human rights education, life education, technology education, traffic safety education, special education, and art education. One outstanding individual is Mr. Qiu Ah-Tu, who turns 74 this year. He has continued to promote Lanyang Literary style long after retirement with all his time and resources and has made achievements no one else could match. Another outstanding individual is Ms. Wang Xu-Zu, who has expanded her love for her children to encompass all handicapped folks. An outstanding group example is the police officers at the Yuli Branch of Hualien County Police Bureau. Desiring to reach out to the local kids, educating them and fostering love, honor and respect in them, these officers have been performing after school counseling and helping these kids with homework, and in the process making them useful for the society in future. Another outstanding group example is the "Children Are Us Foundation." This organization has been working hard to create a positive image for the mentally handicapped and presenting it to the society. It has helped countless mentally handicapped kids to integrate into their communities by building up their self-respect and self-value. Finally, for 26 years, using a woodpecker as its symbol for its wish to protect the consumers, the "Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei" has worked very hard to promote the status of consumers and protecting their rights.

Every year, the Ministry has awarded selfless groups and individuals that have contributed to the education of the society. By presenting their selfless spirit and hard work to the people, it is our hope that more and more groups and individuals will make efforts to help improving the education field and cultivate human resources for Taiwan.

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