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Press Conference to Promote Technological and Vocational Education - Listen to What They Say

Press Conference to Promote Technological and Vocational Education - Listen to What They Say

On June 3rd, Ministry of Education held a press conference to present the comprehensive, diverse and practical features of technological and vocational education. Through exchanges between representatives from enterprises and vocational schools, including teachers, parents and students, the press conference intends to inform junior high graduates and their parents of the importance of choosing a school which is "practical and suited to their personalities", so students can better choose the right career path for themselves later on.

After several years of efforts, vocational education in Taiwan has shown comprehensive and practical characteristics, gaining much recognition from enterprises, parents, teachers, and students. President of Jingxun Technology Corp., Luo Tai-sheng, pointed out that many students from Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School, Taipei University of Technology, and Taiwan University of Science and Technology have achieved outstanding success in the job market. Meanwhile, Zhan Jin-cheng, a teacher of the Affiliated Vocational High School of National Changhua University of Education went through the vocational education system, and was selected as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Youth. In addition, several students such as Lai Guan-hong have experienced the joy of learning, fully demonstrating their potential, and receiving real recognition and happiness from the comprehensive and practical curriculum of the vocational education system.

In recent years, the vocational education system has continually provided comprehensive learning channels and cultivated talents in response to global trends. The vocational education system is also committed to combining theory and practice in order to assist students in exploring their interests and reaching their goals. The principal of Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School, Chen Qing-kao, referred to the dramatic rise of its admission grades and the outstanding achievements of its graduates to prove that vocational education has become a new option for junior high graduates. During this period of economic downturn, sharpening one's competitiveness is a very important issue. In order to encourage students to learn according to their personal interests, personalities, and abilities, the Ministry of Education invited representatives of all circles to share their experience to assist students in understanding the vocational education system and making their best decisions, so they will create their own bright future.

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