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The Ministry of Education Awards Schools Doing a Good Job Safeguarding Student Health

The Ministry of Education Awards Schools Doing a Good Job Safeguarding Student Health
An awards ceremony was held for the first time by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in recognition of schools and individuals doing a good job in providing school students with an on-campus lunch service, food and drinking water, oral hygiene care and sex education. Representatives from Taipei Municipal Jingxing Elementary School, a lunch service gold award winner, Chiayi County's Siang-lin Elementary School, a sex education gold award winner, and Tainan Municipal Cheng-Gong Elementary School, an oral hygiene care gold award winner, were present to share their experiences.

These schools won the awards for their outstanding performance in promoting student health. The practices of award winners in each category are described below for exemplification:
  1. Lunch service gold award - Pingtung County's Nan-Jung Junior High School:
    Specialists are hired to prepare recipes that meet students'nutritional needs. Each lunch is complete with fresh seasonal fruit and healthy drinks. Nutritional information of each month's lunch menu is prepared, printed out and glued to students' parent-teacher communication books for students and parents' information. Teachers lunch with students everyday, instructing them in dining etiquette, helping them form hygienic habits, and reminding them to be grateful for being able to enjoy inexpensive nutritious lunches in school.

  2. Food and drinking water gold award - Tainan Municipal Chongming Elementary School:
    Dedicated dieticians are charged with supervising the quality of the school's food and drinking water, preparing checklists and carrying out periodic inspections; rules governing drinking water are drawn up, with the water tank cleaned and water quality examined periodically; drinking water facilities are properly maintained with records well kept. The school also encourages students to drink water instead of flavored drinks as much as possible for health reasons, and urges them to bring a water bottle or cup to the school out of environmental considerations.

  3. Sex education gold award - Taipei Municipal Dali High School:
    Theory of Reasoned Action and Social Learning Theory are used to induce healthy sexual behavior among first-year students. A Health Promotion School working mode is adopted to develop a diverse range of intervention strategies, with parents and community resources committed to student sex education. The approaches used by the school have been widely covered by domestic magazines, newspapers, and radio and TV programs.

It was the first time the MOE has held such an awards ceremony. The ministry will continue holding this ceremony and working with the Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Administration for the health of school teachers and students.

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