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Ministry of Education Calls for College Students to Assist Typhoon-Affected Schools

Ministry of Education Calls for College Students to Assist Typhoon-Affected Schools
Typhoon Morakot wreaked havoc in southern Taiwan's primary and secondary schools. The Ministry therefore has launched a College Students Restore Campuses Program, urging college students to help restore typhoon-stricken schools so that school can begin in September as scheduled. In addition, college students can demonstrate their care for society by volunteering.

The Ministry urges city/county governments to make a list of schools needing reconstruction and the resources needed so that the Ministry can ask universities to adopt them. The Ministry indicates that if each school could recruit 100 students, 100 schools could recruit 10,000 students to help rebuild the typhoon-stricken areas, which would be most helpful to the victims.

The Program has received an ardent response from universities. As of 4pm on the 20th, a total of 101 universities, 4,803 persons, had began offering their services to 160 schools. In addition, 1,302 instructors, teachers and students from 33 schools and the Ministry's liaison offices in various cities/counties have offered services before the program was launched.

16 and 31 instructors from the Ministry's Kaohsiung County and Tainan City liaison offices, respectively, voluntarily visited the disaster areas to help. National Tsing Hua University's Dragonfly Team and Chung Yuan Christian University's volunteer workers headed for the disaster areas even before the Ministry announced its relief measures.

Some caring persons and businesses recently expressed their willingness to donate resources to the typhoon-hit schools. The Ministry would like to express its gratitude. To facilitate speedy delivery of the resources, the Ministry is setting up a service platform and a hotline (02-77366336) to allow these persons and businesses to contact the school more easily. The Ministry urges all sectors to provide schools struck by the typhoon with resources such as water fountains, kitchen and canteen appliances, and computers and accessories urgently needed for reconstruction.

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