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Tuition and Fees of 70 Colleges and Universities to Remain Unchanged in 2009


In view of the impact of the financial crisis and Typhoon Morakot on the economy, and so that students can continue their studies, 70 colleges and universities have decided not to raise their tuition and fees for the 2009 academic year.

Among the 70 colleges and universities , 34 are public and 36 private. (A new college, Mackay Medical College, was established in 2009). The Ministry of Education decides the tuition and fees a department or college charges depending on which of the following seven categories it falls into - departments of medicine and dentistry, colleges of medicine (including all departments except the departments of medicine and dentistry), engineering, science and agriculture, business, and liberal arts and law. Each school shall refer to the Ministry-decided schedule of tuition and fees for those applicable to its different departments and colleges. If different departments within the same college of a school charge different tuition and fees, students are advised to visit the school's website for details. Certain departments in the colleges of liberal arts and law of Chinese Culture University and in the colleges of engineering and business of Leader University failed the Ministry-administered evaluations and so the basis of their tuition and fees for 2009 were lowered by 0.2965%. Please visit their respective websites for details.

In accordance with Article 64 of the Private Schools Act, the funding of the teacher and employee pension funds of private schools has been changed from 2% of the tuition paid by students and 1% by the board and the school to 3% of the tuition paid by the school. The additional 2% of the tuition paid by the students has been included in the tuition starting from the 2008 academic year with the total amount charged remaining unchanged.

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