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Ministry of Education Urges Taiwanese Studying Abroad to Check on Legitimacy of Degrees


Recently it was discovered that some private companies are illegally recruiting individuals to study abroad in the name of foreign universities, claiming they can help students obtain foreign academic credentials. To uphold students'rights and interests, the M inistry urges the public to obtain foreign degrees by legitimate means so that they can find work, continue their studies or take exams after returning to Taiwan with less difficulty. The Ministry is providing the following information for the public's reference:

  1. According to the Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials by Institutions of Higher Education announced by the Ministry, foreign academic credentials are recognized only if they meet the following criteria:
  2. (1) The school from which said credentials were obtained is on the list of schools recognized by the Ministry or is recognized by the supervisory authority of the local government or by a professional certification institution.

    (2) The length of study and courses taken must be comparable to those of the Taiwanese schools of the same level and type. Those awarded a bachelor's degree must have studied in a local school for a total of at least 32 months, with those awarded a master's degree having studied there for at least 8 months and those awarded a doctorate at least 16 months.

    (3) No conditions nullifying said credentials as indicated in Article 11 of the Regulations exist.

  3. Individuals concurrently studying for two degrees in a Taiwanese and a foreign university:

  4. To encourage international academic cooperation and boost Taiwanese students'international competitiveness, the Ministry allows cooperation between Taiwanese and foreign universities to provide students with the opportunity to simultaneously study for two degrees in a Taiwanese and a foreign university. No foreign schools have been approved to set up branches in Taiwan so far. However, information on foreign schools approved to do so will be posted on the Ministry's website. The Ministry has not yet approved foreign schools to offer degree programs in Taiwan. Consequently, foreign academic credentials obtained through instruction by correspondence or 100% distance learning, and from unauthorized Taiwan branches of foreign schools or Taiwanese companies operating on behalf of foreign schools will not be recognized. Dual degree programs can only be offered by domestic public universities and registered private universities.

    The Ministry wants to emphasize that the act of recruiting and teaching students in Taiwan in the name of a foreign school violates Article 40 of the Private School Act. If discovered and confirmed, violators will be prosecuted and punished by law.

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