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The First Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit Opening Remarks


The First Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit


Opening Remarks

April 16, 2012


Political Deputy Minister Lin, Tsong-ming

Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Taiwan)




Good Morning,

Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso, Director General of Higher Education,

Ministry of Education, Indonesia

President Dr. Shi-Shuenn Chen, National Taiwan University
 of Science and Technology

Honored guests from Indonesia

Distinguished university representatives, scholars and guests



On behalf of the Ministry of Education, I would like to extend a cordial welcome to Taiwan and to all attendees of “The First Taiwan- Indonesia Higher Education Summit.”

I was pleased to learn that this summit will be attended by a total of 150 presidents, scholars and representatives from leading universities in Taiwan and Indonesia.

In 2010, we introduced the “Aceh Studying in Taiwan Project” to deepen the academic cooperation of both countries. Since its inception, we have received 75 Indonesian-government-sponsored students who are pursuing their master or Ph.D. degrees in Taiwan.

In April 2011, a distinguished delegation from Indonesian, which included Dr. Djoko Santoso and Dr. Supriadi Rustad, was invited by our Ministry of Education to visit Taiwan. During this auspicious visit, we discussed ways to further promote Higher Education and cooperation between our two countries. Specific discussion items included preparations for the signing of an “Agreement of Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education”. The May 2011 Bali signing of our Agreement of Cooperation was witnessed by Dr. Wu Ching-Ji, the Minister of Education of Taiwan, and Dr. Mohammad Nuh, the Minister of National Education of Indonesia at Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education meeting.

This meeting and the agreement of cooperation have contributed significantly to deepening the development of our academic relations. “The First Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit” is a shining example of this agreement of cooperation.

We are confident that this year’s summit will open a new page for both Taiwan and Indonesia. With each new joint effort, our students will be able to receive opportunities that will benefit their academic communities and their country.


Now, I would like to deliver my special gratitude to those who will be delivering speeches and sharing their experience with us on higher education, and to the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for hosting this event. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Education of Indonesia and these university presidents and representatives for attending this year’s Summit, especially in light of this past Wednesday’s news of the massive earthquake in Arch. We are truly grateful that your people suffered no serious casualties. Finally, I would like to wish this first summit much success.

Thank you.