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The 2013 TOCFL and CCCC in Germany

The 2013 TOCFL was administered in seven German cities, Hamburg, Goettingen, Stuttgart, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. Since the start of TOCFL offerings in Germany, in 2011, the number of examinees has increased steadily with an all time high of 121, in 2013. Most of the examinees are students. There are 3 bands (A-C) in the formal test and each band includes 2 levels. Due to the on-going development of level 6, only level 1-5 was/will be offered this year. Besides the TOCFL, the Children Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) was/will be held in those same cities with the exception of Goettingen. In total, 48 candidates, who are none-native Mandarin Chinese learners, are interested in taking this test. The test for children includes 3 levels, which are Sprouting, Seeding and Blossoming. Both the TOCFL and the CCCC were divided into traditional and simplified versions. TOCFL has been well received in Germany and is a requested language proficiency test instrument. To date, the administration of this test has been smooth and very successful.