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The University of California, Berkeley’s Success is Credited to a Business Mandarin Chinese Summer Program in Taiwan

Thirty-two students from the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) will have a unique Mandarin Chinese learning experience this summer. They will participate in a 6-credit “Business Mandarin Chinese” program in Taiwan from July 3 to August 13, 2013. Partially funded and supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, this program was developed by the UCB Summer Sessions Program, in cooperation with the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) at the National Taiwan University.

“Business Mandarin Chinese” is a 6-week intensive program, which aims to teach students Mandarin Chinese communication skills to prepare them for future Mandarin Chinese-language business interactions and for daily use. Additionally, students will have opportunities to visit Taiwan’s corporate organizations, as well as famous cultural attractions, which will allow them to demonstrate what they learned in their enrichment courses lectures and tutorials.

Over the years, the Ministry of Education has encouraged Taiwan university affiliated Mandarin Chinese Language Centers to actively promote their international programs, especially their 4-week short-term study programs. The subsidy provided by the MOE for each participant (including one leading teacher) is US$90 per week, for a commitment to 3 hours of minimum daily classroom sessions, Monday through Friday.

Benefiting from the MOE’s support, the UCB’s “Business Mandarin Chinese” program in Taiwan has turned out to be quite popular and successful. Since 2009, the number of participants averages 30 per year. This UCB program has enhanced participating students’ interest to pursue advanced Mandarin Chinese language studies and to actively develop future connections with Taiwan. Taiwan’s reputation for Mandarin Chinese excellence in teaching quality is recognized by world leading universities.