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Junior League Baseball World Series: Taiwan Victory!

Junior League Baseball World Series: Taiwan Victory!
Taiwan's team of young baseball players, all from A Hsin-Ming Junior High School team in Taoyuan County, triumphed over the American team on August 17, 2013 in Taylor, Michigan, with a score of 11-2. This stunning victory won them the championship of the 33rd annual Junior League Baseball World Series.

The Taiwan team, representing the Asia-Pacific region, won game after game with a high number of runs. The scores from their six-game winning streak totaled 75, setting a new Junior League Baseball record.

The American team did its utmost to catch up in the sixth inning, and gained two points on a home run. But the Taiwan team maintained its lead, scoring two more runs with four more hits, and the game ended with a score of 11-2, a stunning victory over the American team.

The Taiwan team is robust and displays impressive cooperation on the field. Their pitcher Fang Jung-tse made an outstanding contribution during the championship game: he threw seven no-hit innings. His performance left the spectators hoarse from cheering.

This is the second time in four years that a team from Taiwan has won the championship. Another Hsin-Ming Junior High School team took part in the competition two years ago but was knocked out after losing to the American team. This year they were elated by their win, a victory which greatly moved and excited their friends and family who came along to cheer the team on.

On the day of the championship game, many spectators arrived to cheer enthusiastically for the Taiwan team. Among them were Deputy Director General Samuel Kuo of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago, Director Eric Lin of the Political Division, and John Lin, Senior Officer of the Educational Division, all there to encourage the young players.