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Youth Ambassadors from Taiwan visit Paraguay

Youth Ambassadors from Taiwan, ROC, visited Asuncion, Paraguay on August 18, as part of a two-week cultural exchange with students from several local schools and universities. The delegation was headed by Professor Luisa Shu-Ying Chang, Dean of International Relations at National Taiwan University.

The Youth Ambassadors Program aims to strengthen ties between the ROC and its friends and allies, promote mutual understanding, academic development, and also raise awareness of public health and environmental protection among young people. This youth-oriented public diplomacy initiative was begun by ROC President Ma Ying-Jeou in 2009. This year, Taiwan sent 35 Youth Ambassador teams to visit 36 countries in the Asia-Pacific, African, European, North American, Latin American, and Caribbean regions.

The group that came to Paraguay this year comprised six students from National Taiwan University, representing theedifferent Departments, namely Language and Literature, Finance, and Political Science.

During their visit, the Youth Ambassadors called on the Diplomatic and Consular Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National University of Asuncion, the National University of the East, National University of Itapua, Paraguay Brasil Experimental School, Chiang Kai Shek School, and the Paraguan Olympic Committee. They visited the cities of Asuncion, the East, Encarnacion, Aregua, and Caacupe.

The Youth Ambassadors gave Paraguayan students a panoramic overview of Taiwan, giving prominence to traditional and folk culture, Chinese language training, music and dance. In addition, they gave demonstrations of traditional Taiwanese food at the National University of Asuncion, and on a local TV program.

The Youth Ambassadors held a seminar at the Paraguayan Olympic Committee on a new sport called “woodball" which was invented by a Taiwanese citizen. The seminar and the friendship match that was held were both a great success, attracting more than 100 athletes and coaches to participate.