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Taiwan Universities give seminars for their new students

Taiwan Universities give seminars for their new students
Many Hong Kong students applied for the 'Joint distribution system’, jointly applying for university places in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. The results for those about to begin studying for their Bachelor’s degree were released on August 8, and over 2519 people were selected. A total of 4,092 people qualified when the numbers of people applying for a Two-year Bachelor’s course, and through the Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students, and individual applications. This is an extremely high figure compared to recent years, and indicates that many Hong Kong students recognize the quality and value of Taiwan’s higher education.

Between August 10 and August 31, many Taiwan universities which have recruited overseas Chinese students took part in seminars for the freshman, many held at Highwise Service Foundation. I-Shou University recruited the highest number of students, a total of 170, followed by Feng Chia University, which recruited 138 students. The deans of many universities were in attendance at these seminars, helping to explain the admission matters and university life to their new students and also their family members.

Many parents accompanied the freshmen students. They were eager to know what university life will entail for their sons and daughters. Their many questions were answered clearly one by one, and students already studying at the different Taiwanese universities explained how to deal with things like arranging flight tickets, how to get from the airport to their university, living expenses, and life in Taiwan. All the guests thought the information provided in the seminar was very helpful.

Photo:Groups of freshman and parents having their questions answered by university students.