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Schools showcase programs at Taiwan Higher Education Fair

Schools showcase programs at Taiwan Higher Education Fair
Hundreds of students and parents roamed Taiwan Center in Flushing, Queens, on August 24 and 25, where 19 universities from Taiwan at the 2013 Taiwan Higher Education Fair introduced their campuses and programs. This was the first visit of the Fair, now in its second year, to New York. The event was co-organized by the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York.

Deputy Minister of Education Pi-Twan Huang, and Acting Director-General of the Department of International and Cross-Strait Education Julie Chiu were both present to open the 2013 Fair. Deputy Minister Huang expressed her hope that, through this Fair, overseas parents and their children can learn about Taiwan’s major strides to improve education and about the many choices students have if they choose to study in Taiwan. The Deputy Minister also emphasized Taiwan’s strong economic foundation and traditional Chinese culture as attractive reasons to study in Taiwan.

Dr. Chuan Lee, President of Ming Chuan University, touched upon a practical reason to study in Taiwan: the very affordable cost. A year of quality college education in Taiwan costs just US$3,000. Second generation Taiwanese-Americans can learn their native tongue, be immersed in Taiwan’s rich culture, save money, and receive a world class education.

From arts to sciences, fields were well represented. Medical schools, extremely popular with parents, explained what made their programs distinct in order to attract the best aspiring doctors. Kaohsiung Medical University emphasized its unique service program, which gives students volunteer opportunities during summer in some South Pacific islands. Taipei Medical University staffs two medical teams overseas, one working in Sao Tome and Principe, and the other in Swaziland. Taipei Medical University sees its program as a perfect fit for those who place a high value on social responsibility.

Unique school partnerships were also on display at the Fair: for example as the National Taichung University of Education showcased its joint program with New York Institute of Technology. Students can take their first two years of college in Taichung then finish their last two years at NYIT and be awarded a bachelor’s degree in two countries. Students may also study an additional year and earn a master’s degree.

Ming Chuan University touted its distinction as the first Asian university accredited by the United States (by the MSCHE). National Kaohsiung Hospitality University promises an inimitable schooling in the tourism industry at the only public university of its kind in Taiwan. Regardless of their different recruiting strategies, together the universities echoed one resounding message: Come study in Taiwan!