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Topics Related to the Study in France Explored at the 2013 Student Information Forum in Paris

Topics Related to the Study in France Explored at the 2013 Student Information Forum in Paris
The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Paris organized a Student Information Forum, held on November 16, 2013. Two French government officials, a bank representative, and a lawyer each spoke about topics to which students have to pay special attention during their stay in France.

The forum took place in the auditorium at the Representative Office. The forum started with a short introduction of all the speakers by Meichen Lu, Director of the Education Division. Then Mr. LA Hung, Assistant Manager of the Paris branch of Mega International Commercial Bank spoke first. He went over important bank account regulations for the students, particularly the regulations regarding the use of checks and credit cards.

Mr. Christophe Besse of the Prefecture de Police gave details of some new measures concerning the issuing of temporary residence cards for students, valid for the standard duration of the degree program they are undertaking. This is normally between two and four years. He also explained how postgraduate students can apply for a 12-month, non-extendable temporary work permit. An important detail is that qualified graduates who wish to seek employment after obtaining their degree in France should apply for these at least 4 months before the expiry of their residence card.

Ms. Lisa Einhorn, an official from Campus France, elaborated on how to apply for scholarships, and accommodation, and rent subsidies. She encouraged students to surf the “Bible” providing all the information they need about living in France as a student: She also recommended regularly visiting another website to get the latest information on various activities for all students in Paris, local and international alike:

The final speaker was Dr Kuo-Robert, a lawyer. She focused on matters such as French laws and regulations on renting and accommodation, and the legal effectiveness of double-registered letters, illustrating her practical advice with examples from different cases she has handled.

All the briefings are available on the Education Division’s website: