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Excellent Teacher Award Delegation Visits Austria

Excellent Teacher Award Delegation Visits Austria
A delegation of approximately 100 teachers who had received an Excellent Teacher Award visited Vienna during May and June 2014.

The award-winning teachers visited two secondary schools in Vienna in smaller groups to get a better insight into the Austrian educational system : Stubenbastei in School District 1, and Anton Krieger Gasse in School District 23. At each school, the teachers attended a presentation about its distinctive characteristics prepared by the principals and teachers. After that, they visited art classes to experience instructional approaches in Austria first-hand. They even participated in class work, for example drawing a picture while listening to compositions of Arnold Schönberg.

The visiting teachers were impressed by the openness and cordiality of the students, and the students’ art works displayed on colorful walls in the schools. They also enjoyed sight-seeing and exploring the cultural differences between Europe and Taiwan They all felt that the visits broadened their perspective on art education, and that this will enrich their teaching back home.