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TSMC Recruits Top Students across New England

TSMC Recruits Top Students across New England
The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston invited Taiwanese students from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University to attend a “TSMC Recruitment Workshop” on May 1, 2014. The aim of this event was to recruit distinguished students in the New England region to return to Taiwan to work for this company. It leads the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, and hopes to compete with other technology giants in the world such as Intel and Samsung.

Mr. Worth Chen, Deputy Director of TSMC’s largest factory and Ms. Angela Chen, from its HR Operations Department came to Boston this year to share their working experience with Taiwanese students. During the briefing, Mr. Chen introduced TSMC’s working environment and illustrated the company’s promising future with a statistical analysis. Most students assume that TSMC only targets engineering students, but Ms. Angela Chen explained that the company welcomes talented students in any field. It certainly doesn’t narrowly focus on recruiting people with any particular engineering backgrounds. Actually, Ms. Chen herself works for this world-class high-tech company but does not hold an engineering related degree or has not done any engineering training. Mr. Chen emphasized that the TSMC vision is to invest heavily in research and development because it believes that only with advanced research will the company lead the worldwide competitive technology battle.

Dr. Morris Chang, the founder of TSMC and renowned as the “Father of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry,” considers that having a talented workforce is essential to achieving this goal, and that is a key factor for winning the high-tech battle. He therefore assigned several recruitment representatives to hold annual workshops at several renowned universities in the U.S. Dr. Chang predicts that the coming decade will be ten critical golden years for TSMC, and the company is therefore making every effort to attract outstanding students to be valuable employees to ensure the company’s future success.

(Photo Left to Right) Ms. Cynthia Huang, from TECO-Boston, TSMC representatives
Ms. Angela Chen, and Mr. Worth Chen, and Taiwanese students from Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University.