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Gathering of Taiwanese Scholarship Holders in Berlin


The head of the education division Prof. Cen-Chu Shen invited all the Taiwanese recipients of a Ministry of Education scholarship who were currently residing in Germany to a gathering at the education division office in Berlin on May 23. More than 100 Taiwanese students are studying in Germany on an MOE scholarship, and 14 were able to accept. Many who would otherwise have attended were undertaking examinations and no allowance for travel or accommodation for those studying outside Berlin could be granted this time.

The gathering was organized to provide the students from Taiwan with an opportunity to exchange details of their experiences studying and living in Germany, and raise questions and get answers on any related issues. Dr. Clement Gu, the deputy head of the Taipei Representative Office, encouraged the students to take advantage of their years of study abroad, and Prof. Shen explained important and new matters they need to be aware of. Everyone engaged in lively discussion.

The gathering ended with an invitation to an informal dinner, providing everyone more opportunity to get acquainted, enjoy each other’s company and share experiences.