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Hong Kong Taiwanese Student Association – Fall Gathering 2014

Hong Kong Taiwanese Student Association – Fall Gathering 2014
The Fall Gathering is an annual event organized by the Hong Kong Taiwanese Student Association. Taiwanese university students studying in Hong Kong can opportunity each other there and have a chance to catch up. The Association usually holds selects its new Committee members and holds the handover ceremony during its Spring Gathering, but the 2014 selections and handover were held on November 9, 2014 as part of the Fall Gathering.

The event started off with delicious Chinese cuisine and vegetarian food, and of course Taiwan’s highly popular “bubble tea” was served. Then the evening performances began! As usual, the evening included a Talent Show competition for everyone to enjoy and judge one as their favorite. This time four different groups took part, performing in a variety of very distinct modes, ranging from a magic show to a group singing acapella style.

First off was a freshman from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who kept everyone enthralled with many mysterious magic tricks. We all know that what every magician values the most is to get the audience’s attention: this is their way to fool their audience. And the audience gave him their full attention, carefully watching this magician’s every single tiny movement. A volunteer was called up to participate, which made the act more intriguing and exhilarating, but his magician’s secrets were not revealed.

The second act was a guitar duet by two young ladies who are freshmen at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Their voices were in wonderful harmony throughout the whole song: it was like a Sunday morning with the sun shining and the sounds of lovely angels singing.

The third act provided quite a contrast to the soothing duet. A third year student and a second year student performed together on electric guitar. Some brief technical difficulties did not dampen the audience’s expectations. And they were not disappointed: the guitarists’ passionate strumming provided turn out to be a moving piece of music that quickly had everyone tapping their feet to the music beat and broadly smiling. Last but certainly not least, a group of Hong Kong University freshman gave a calming but refreshing acapella performance. It too captivated the audience.

In the end, the audience chose the acapella group to win the competition. The winning team received a pack of rice and presents prepared by HKTSA. The night came to a happy end for new members and old: old friends got to catch up with each other, and everyone had an enjoyable evening!

Photo:All the participants at HKTSA’s 2014 Fall Gathering.