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Taiwan Wins One Gold, Three Silver at First-Ever Taiwan-Hosted International Olympiad in Informatics

The 26th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) was held in Taiwan for the first time, and local competitors had a good showing on home turf. Taiwan won one gold and three silver medals, competing against 311 outstanding high-school students from 81 participating countries or territories worldwide. Premier Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺), Minister of Science and Technology Chang San-cheng (張善政), and Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Education Wang Jough-tai (王作臺) went to the IOI at Taipei International Convention Center to boost the contestants’ spirits.

The participants in this science event were a total of 311 students and 236 delegation leaders from 81 participating countries and two observing countries (the Dominican Republic and the Philippines).

In the contests on July 15 and July 17, the Taiwan’s representatives not only demonstrated their competence in informatics but had intensive exchanges with their international counterparts, which enhanced the contestants’ worldview and language competence, and enriched the teachers’ instructional experience and gave them the opportunity to share that experience. The contestants from around the world complimented Taiwan on its hospitality, unique culture, and great tourist attractions. By holding this international contest, Taiwan hopes to boost local students’ interest and competitiveness in the information-technology (IT) industry, to train more IT professionals, and to promote economic growth through an IT industry upgrade. Likewise, Taiwan hopes to invite people from different countries to Taiwan, to attract global attention to Taiwan, and bring the Taiwan IT industry and local brands to the international market.

The four Taiwan contestants were trained by a professional team that included Professor Chiang Tsung-che (蔣宗哲) from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan Normal University and another 17 team members. Below is a list of the winning contestants:





Chen Po-en

National Experimental High School At Hsinchu Science Park



Chou Yi
(周 逸)

Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School



Chen Po-chang

National Taichung First Senior High School



Wang Tzu-peng

Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School



To recognize these students’ outstanding performance, the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued special regulations. According to the Regulations Governing Academic Advancement Incentives for Students Who Compete and Perform Well in International Mathematics or Science Olympiads and International Science Fairs, the winners of gold, silver, or bronze medals in Olympiads can be automatically admitted to related university departments, or recommended for admission to any department. The winners of an honorary award can be recommended for admission to related departments. Additionally, the gold medal winners will receive a 200,000 NT dollar scholarship and the silver medal winners a 100,000 NT dollar scholarship.