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College Students Promote in Remote Area Art Education

College Students Promote in Remote Area Art Education
College students in the art field were recruited this year by the MOE Collegiate Youth Remote-Area Art Education Work Team to devote themselves to social service for people in remote areas of Taiwan. The purpose of the team was to encourage young people to participate in social service, and provide opportunities for remote area students to learn art. The work team went to elementary and junior high schools and local communities for art education and related activities over summer. Their work brought art education resources and local residents’ attention to appreciate the beauty of the rural areas where they live.

Organized by National Taiwan University of Arts, the project established the MOE Collegiate Youth Remote-Area Art Education Training Center for recruiting, training and deployment for the work team. Team members not only have expertise in visual arts, performance arts, and art & technology, but also abundant experience in social service. Members were divided into three teams serving 26 areas across 13 counties and cities for one-month service.

College students selected by this project gained work experience and enhanced professional expertise, learned team spirit, improved their social awareness, and improve character by doing school and community service. In addition, in this unique experience, participants were able to improve their mental and physical health, increase self-confidence, boost their ability to be team players and solve problems while learning interpersonal skills.