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Activities Related to the Month of Life Education begin at schools of all levels nationwide

Life education is the core and the most fundamental value of education. For the first time the Ministry of Education (MOE) has designated October 2013 as "the Month of Life Education", with the topic, “Love ourselves, love others, and love the Earth.” The four weeks of October were themed “Essence of life education: I love life”, “Cultivate vitality: Click ‘Like’ for adversity”, “Social care: Love is always there”, and “LOHAS & energy-saving lifestyle: Rescuing polar bears”, respectively. The MOE invited schools of all levels nationwide to conduct activities to promote life education.

On October 1st 2013, the MOE held a press conference entitled “Activities Related to the Month of Life Education in 2013” to launch this campaign. According to the statistics, a total of 3,224,178 people from 2,737 schools nationwide took part in 8,686 events during the four themed weeks of October. Through these events, the MOE hoped to help students understand, explore and recognize the meaning of life, respect and cherish the values of life, find passion and explore the uniqueness of life, and enhance their abilities to think positively, be brave enough to face setbacks, and be optimistic even in the face of adversity, thus guiding them to be concerned about and care for the environment and to cherish their own lives.

Li Yu-hao(李御豪), recipient of the 2013 President's Education Awards, was especially invited by the MOE to play saxophone at the press conference. Although Li is a Down syndrome patient, he overcame his physical obstacles and devoted himself to practicing the saxophone. As a result, he obtained street artist certificates from Changhua, Kaohsiung and four other Counties in Taiwan. Li demonstrated his vitality and positive energy by playing saxophone.

At the conference, Administrative Deputy Minister Chen Der-hwa (陳德華) noted that many reports had revealed that some students’ behavior showed no respect for life, which was deeply saddening. He believed that education must be about people. If a person doesn’t learn to respect life, the education is empty. And he also believes that the philosophy of life education should be rooted in empathy and compassion, so that people can build the courage not to be afraid of failure. The life story of Li Yu-hao(李御豪) is an excellent role model for everyone.

Finally, the MOE hopes that schools nationwide will conduct various special and innovative activities and competitions. These activities can open the students’ minds and broaden their horizons outside of academic activities. When students join these events, they connect with other people, are moved by good things, and enhance their spirits, thus realizing their life potential and recognizing the value of their own lives and those of others. They learn respect for every single life and every individual’s difference, and take the initiative to care for others, respect others, empathize for others, and live out full, happy and meaningful lives.