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The Sports Administration Announced the List of Taiwanese Participants in the 2013 East Asian Games

The Sports Administration (SA) of the Ministry of Education announced the list of Taiwanese participants in the 2013 East Asian Games (2013 EAG) on September 25th. 24 teams from Taiwan including 79 coaches and 350 players will join the games in Tianjin. The opening ceremony will be held on October 6th.

The 2013 EAG in Tianjin, mainland China, which opens on Oct. 6, run through Oct. 15. Athletes took part in 24 different sports (16 Olympic sports, 8 non-Olympic sports): swimming, track and field events, badminton, basketball, baseball, bowling, cycling, rhythmic gymnastics, dragon boat racing, fencing, football, hockey, artistic gymnastics, judo, karate, marksmanship, squash, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, soft tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, and wu-shu. There are 262 multi-sport events in total. Taiwanese teams take part in all the competitions.

The SA realized that the number of top athletes in Taiwan are limited. In order to avoid having athletes who are not so well prepared and frequently taking part in the Olympics, the Asian Games, the East Asian Games, the Universiade and other world-class competitions, the SA has established a long-term training project as a means to cultivate players. The SA indicated that the government would emphasize a wholistic method of training athletes for the Olympics, Asian Games, East Asian Games and Universiade, and unify the activities of, and allocation of resources for, selecting, training, assisting and rewarding athletes. Such an approach can enhance the efficiency of training programs.