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Taiwan Won the First Medal in World Youth Boxing Championship

At the 2013 World Youth International Boxing Championship, Taiwanese male contestant Ran Jun-Xian (冉俊賢, weight 52 kg) had a rough struggle against the home team contestant. Although Ran Jun-Xian did not beat the contestant, he won a bronze medal for Taiwan. It is Taiwan’s first medal in the World Youth Boxing Championship. After receiving the report of success, Minister of Sports Administration, He Jhuo-fei (何卓飛), immediately sent a congratulatory telegram to Mr. Ran and encouraged him to keep up the good work.

During the championship, contestant Ran Jun-Xian faced huge challenges caused by a few factors: his team members were knocked out one after another, his opponent from the home team was strong, and his own stature put him at a disadvantage. Still, he fought aggressively with great ambition and endurance. Although Ran did not beat the home team opponent, there was only a slight margin, so he won the bronze medal, a precious honor. It is Taiwan’s first medal at the International Boxing Championship. This great news is a booster for Taiwan’s male boxers.

Contestant Ran Jun-Xian achieved this after only 3 years of boxing training. Back in Taiwan, Ran had left his home in Hualien for school and boxing training in Hsinchu. He was a potential contestant supported by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education. Ran’s success of winning bronze medal shows the result of the potential athletes’ training project promoted by the Sports Administration.