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HKTSA 2015 Spring Basketball Competition

HKTSA 2015 Spring Basketball Competition
The Hong Kong Taiwanese Student Association has made changes to its annual Basketball Competition. This year, the association decided to hold it twice a year instead of just once a year, and recently held its 2015 Spring Basketball Competition. The other change was to the tournament system, where teams play in a round-robin system. Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, was unfortunately unable to take part in this year’s spring competition, leaving four universities to play: Chinese University of Hong Kong; City University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong University; and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Seven games were scheduled for the day, and at twelve o’clock each university team gathered up by the courts, ready for their warm ups.

On one court, City University of Hong Kong played the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The game was very close with the scores in each quarter only differing by 2 to 3 points all the way. In the end, Chinese University beat City University by a couple of points. On the other court, a determined Hong Kong University team played Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The game was very intense and so was the atmosphere, full of excitement and energy from the young team members and their supporters.

All the hard work, sweat, and time devoted to training all led to the final exciting part of the entire day, the finals. Chinese University of Hong Kong was the first finalist decided, beating Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, while on the other court, Hong Kong University and City University of Hong Kong continued fighting strongly for the other finalist position.

It was a very close game. As the sky slowly got darker, the players never stopped giving their best and the scores were constantly seesawing within one or two points, giving the audience a nerve-wrecking time, a feeling like they were riding on a rollercoaster. Then in the very last minute, Hong Kong University managed to shoot a 3-pointer, which ended the game and they became the other finalist.

After a short 30 minute break, the Hong Kong University team was back on their feet to compete against the other finalist, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Cheering from both universities can be heard loud and clear, and people from around the neighborhood also joined to watch the entertaining game. Chinese University of Hong Kong finally defeated Hong Kong University to be Champion for the first time in HKTSA’s Basketball Competition. Congratulations, Chinese University of Hong Kong!

Photo:Mr. Sheu Ruey-horng from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office with all the HKTSA students