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Australian TEEP program participant shares her Taiwan Nature Treasure Map experience

In 2015, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan launched a new program called TEEP: Taiwan Experience Education Programs. International students can do a short-term professional internship at universities and colleges in Taiwan. The TEEP internships include a Chinese learning and cultural immersion program and accommodation or a living expenses subsidy. Some include a travel expenses subsidy.

Chloe Dempsey studied a double degree in Law and Arts at the University of Western Australia, and a Diploma in Mandarin, and then applied for a TEEP internship. She was successful and undertook National University of Taiwan’s Taiwan Nature Treasure Map, a one-month intern program.

She took advantage of the intern opportunity presented by Taiwan Nature Treasure Map to travel to the Taiwan’s National Park mountain range for the first time. She was given a placement in the Taipingshan National Park and lived and spent most of her time in Luodong, the nearest city.

In an interview “Getting lost on the Taiwan Nature Treasure Map program” conducted by Asia Options, a blog guide for Australians interested in exploring education and professional opportunities in Asia, Chloe shared some information about this TEEP program, how it was managed, and what she has taken from it.

Chloe talks about how she has also deepened her greater understanding of nature and climate change in the region, through seeing Taiwan first-hand. She knows that the friendships and relationships she developed in Taiwan will be valuable resources for the future.

The connections formed during the program have continued to grow after the students’ return to their home countries, with ongoing exchange and sharing of their positive Taiwan experiences through blog sites.

Chloe Dempsey’s blog TAIWONDERFUL and wonderful photos can be viewed here(

More information about the TEEP: Taiwan Experience Education Programs sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education can be viewed here (