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TECO-Boston’s Education Division hosts an Interview Workshop at MIT for Taiwanese Students.

TECO-Boston’s Education Division hosts an Interview Workshop at MIT for Taiwanese Students.
Front L-R: Cynthia Huang, Education Division Director, TECO-Boston; Robert Wang, retired professor, Salem State University; Chou Wan-Chin, chairman, New England Association of Chinese Professionals; Chou Iih-Nan, retired professor, Boston University; Kevin Pan, vice president, Lux Research Inc.; Penn Chou, actuary, Liberty Mutual Insurance; Jeffrey Wang, equity analyst, Delaware Investments; and Edward Chiang, advisor, New England Association of Chinese Professionals. Back: participating students

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO-Boston) held a Resume Workshop in November which drew many participants.
It was such a success that the Education Division, the Republic of China Student Association of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the New England Association of Chinese Professionals held a follow-up workshop for Taiwanese students. The second workshop, held on December 12, 2015 at MIT, focused on interviews.

The speakers included five professionals were invited to share their interview know-how from the employers’ point of view, typical topics and questions, and give pointers on how students should emphasize their strengths to succeed in securing a job: Mr. Chou Wan-Chin, Mr. Penn Chou and Mr. Jeffrey Wang who work in insurance and investment corporations; and Dr. Kevin Pan and Dr. Edward Chiang who have professional experience in bio-technology and engineering. Dr. Chou Iih-Nan, a retired professor from Boston University School of Medicine who is very familiar with the academic employment process gave valuable advice about this.

The speakers emphasized that job-seekers should do research about the company and the position and be well-prepared before the interview. They have to dress properly, and show energy and enthusiasm in the interview. A thank-you note to the interviewers afterwards was suggested by the speakers. For academic positions, interviewees have to prepare a short presentation and be able to display their ability to independently conduct research.

The Education Division hopes that holding the Resume Workshop and the Interview Workshops will help students be better prepared for the job hunting challenge and looks forward to hearing that they find great jobs in the near future.