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Vocational Students from Taipei visit Siemens Technik Akademie (STA) Berlin to do a traineeship

For years now the Education Bureau of Taipei City Government has been aiding excellent students of the Vocational Schools by sending them on study trips overseas to “learn by doing”.
A total of fifteen students from the Taipei Municipal Nangang, Daan, Muzha and Neihu Vocational High Schools, and the Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry were chosen to visit Siemens Technik Akademie (STA) Berlin, between August 13 and 27 this year. This is where the company Siemens originated, and the students participated in an intensive traineeship on the innovative “Industry 4.0” production. They also enjoyed a lot of eye-opening culture experiences.
This training allows the participating students to learn more about their professions on an international scale. They are experiencing real global mobility and becoming interested in possible access to international certifications.