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6th Hong Kong (Taiwan) Higher Education Fair - 2016

Education has always been highly valued in Taiwan and in Hong Kong, and the Taiwan Higher Education Fair has become one of the most popular and informative education events in Hong Kong since it began in 2011. It delivers a wealth of information for all young people considering studying in Taiwan and their parents.

This year’s 6th Taiwan Higher Education Fair was organized by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, and Taiwan’s University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students, and it was held at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal at Kowloon Bay on October 22.

The 2016 Taiwan Higher Education Fair provided students with details of the latest career-oriented programs and academic courses available at the 93 universities in Taiwan that took part. These universities are in academic exchange alliances with 169 Hong Kong high schools. The universities offer a wide spectrum of diploma, higher diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree programs, as well as vocational training courses, and more than 4,500 people attended this year’s fair.