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Taiwanese student wins third prize in LA Writers’ Square English writing contest

Writers’ Square in Los Angeles holds Chinese and English Writing Contest every year for students at all levels, from first grade to college.

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles has assisted Writers’ Square by publicizing the writing contest in Taiwan, through the Ministry of Education (MOE) officially providing information about this writing contest to K-12 schools and universities nationwide since last year.

Jennifer Fan, the CEO of Writers’ Square told the Education Division of TECO that thanks to the MOE’s great promotion, they get a lot of responses from schools and universities in Taiwan asking about how to participate and who is qualified to do so. That is very exciting for the organizer because the main purpose of the writing contest is to encourage more students to explore their ideas and concepts, to develop their writing skill and confidence, and to communicate clearly and compellingly with their families, teachers, and peers.

Writers’ Square received 2,079 entries this year, including 627 entries from Taiwan. Writers’ Square is a division of Hakka Foundation who sponsors this event every year. Writers’ Square contests offer scholarships to all winners from third place to first place, as well as those who win the Audience Favorite and Honorable Mention awards.

Lee Bo-Xuan a third year student at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology surprised everyone by winning the third place in the English-language writing contest: he outperformed the native-English students. His piece was called “What is your best experience in your life?”. In it Bo-Xuan described he ran away from home at the age of 15. This unforgettable experience gave him a lesson, and through this writing contest, he encouraged young people not to give up. Dai Zi-Ning from WuFeng University flew to LA to attend the Awards Banquet on November 6, and she took 16 writing scholarships and trophies back home with her for on behalf of all the other winners from Taiwan.