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Chiang Kai Shek School in Asuncion holds Graduation Ceremony

The Chiang Kai Shek School in Asuncion held the graduation ceremony for its high school students on December 9, 2016.

The Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Republic of Paraguay, Mr. Alexander Yui, and the Viceminister of Education, Herminio Lobos joined the professors, parents, and students, as guests of honor.

Ambassador Yui warmly congratulated the students for their dedication and responsibility during the school year, and awarded presents to the two most outstanding students of the class of 2016.

Ambassador Yui acknowledged the hard work the school has done over the years to keep Taiwanese culture alive among the students, as well as cultivating the values of honesty, discipline, and effort that are the motto of the institution. The graduation ceremony was also a perfect opportunity to share information with the graduating students about the scholarship offered by the government of Taiwan to motivate them to pursue undergraduate programs in Taiwan.

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) added a further positive note to the graduation day by delivering 30 notebooks to the school, to help it to continue with the pursuit of educational excellence. These computers are some of the computer equipment donated by the ASUS Foundation with the main objective of training the students in the use of technology for teaching purposes.