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International Conference at Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU) on Advanced Methodology from Asia for the Natural Sciences

On December 19, 2016, an international conference on advanced methodology in the natural sciences (biology chemistry, informatics, mathematics, and physics) was held in Moscow at the Moscow State Pedagogical University, allowing leading academic experts from Taiwan, Mainland China, South Korea, Singapore, and other Asian countries to share their valuable experience and expertise with each other and the Russian scholars attending.

Several outstanding scholars from National Taiwan University were invited to give presentations at the conference: Professor Kuo Hung-Chi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Chang Yao-Wen, Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Yeh Ping-Cheng, Director of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) system, and Professor Huang Yin-Nan, a director at the Center for Teaching and Learning Development. Professor Yeh gave a presentation on “Peer-to-Peer Teaching & Learning”, focusing on how to keep students’ attention and stimulate their desire to learn.

Professor Huang’s presentation was titled “It’s all about motivation: the hands-on cornerstone course in the NTU College of Engineering”. He talked about applying a methodology that combines physical and digital modules to enhance students’ motivation for learning engineering know-how, developing their creativity, and creating a teamwork spirit.

Fu Chao-Ming, Director of the Science and Technology Division at TMECCC, also gave a presentation, on scientific education, and he described the methodology of the “flipped classroom”. The students should study the materials on their own before class. They then discuss the results with the teacher in classtime and put what they are learning into practice with the teacher on hand to assist. All the Russian participants gained a lot of useful information from the excellent presentations and they said that they felt deeply impressed by the achievements Taiwan has made in the field of scientific education.

After the conference, Konstantin Dotsenko, the Vice Rector on International Affairs at MSPU, thanked the scholars from Taiwan for the great contributions they had made to the conference and stated that the university is looking forward to more future cooperation in this field.