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Advanced Training Programme for Mandarin Teachers: A British Group is Formed for the First Time

The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom is delighted that a British group of Mandarin teachers will visit Taiwan in summer 2017 the Advanced Training Programme for Mandarin Teachers programme, sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. This programme offers teachers of Mandarin an opportunity to attend professional courses in Taiwan designed to enhance their language teaching skills, improve their knowledge of Chinese culture, and Taiwan, and introduce a wide range of teaching aids and source materials that can be used in classes of non-native Chinese speakers.

In previous years, it hasn’t been possible to reach the minimum requirement of fifteen participants, despite interest from local teachers. But there is an ongoing expansion in Mandarin learning across the UK, and the Education Division has promoted the programme widely, and this year, there are enough teachers to form a British group for the very first trip of this kind organised for Mandarin teachers in the UK. The group members are looking forward to visiting Taiwan where they’ll participate in a programme organised by the National Taipei University of Education, from July 25 to August 5.

Furthermore the Education Division in the UK collaborated with Education Divisions in Europe and made arrangements for another three UK-based Mandarin teachers who were unable to join this British group at the scheduled time, to join groups for Mandarin teachers in France or Germany, who will be doing an equivalent advanced training programme in Taiwan at more suitable times.

The teachers who applied to participate in this programme come from a wide range of backgrounds. Several had been awarded a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, and two teachers from Boston, USA, joined the British group. It’s all a great testament to international collaboration and to shared excitement about Chinese language teaching and learning.