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Taiwan Scholarship Recipient Candice Xiaobing Jee’s Graduation Exhibition held in Taipei

Candice Xiaobing Jee is an Australian born Perth-based artist. She has a Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship from September 2015 to August 2017, and she is undertaking the MA Program of Chinese Arts for International Students at the National Taiwan University of Arts.

Candice has a Bachelor of Arts from Curtin University, and is a Meisterschülerin of Visual Arts from the University of Arts Berlin. She is also a recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, a prestigious award to assist emerging and early career Australian artists of exceptional talent to develop overseas.

In her graduation exhibition All the flowers have foreign names, she took us to the start of her journey from enduring cold days in Germany, lectures on French post-structuralism, and finding her inspiration in a Chinese garden built by a sinophile German filmmaker, in the suburbs of Berlin. She uses a Chinese garden in Germany as her space to question the idea of cultural belonging, the rootedness to land, the regarding of oneself as the inevitable inheritor of a paternal lineage, and of cultural patriotism.

Candice interweaves her recently discovered ancestral history back to the Song Dynasty, layered with her investigations into contemporary Chinese gardens in Taipei to reshape her identity as an Australian Chinese artist. All the flowers have foreign names will be held at the Haiton Art Centre in : Taipei from June 24 till July 1, 2017. Highlights of the exhibition and interpretation can be found at the link of Haiton Art Centre:

The Ministry of Education offers Taiwan Scholarship to outstanding Australian citizens who are 18 or older who want to enroll in a degree program (for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD) in Taiwan. Recipients’ tuition and academic fees of up to a maximum amount of NTD 40,000 are paid for, and they receive a monthly stipend of NTD 15,000 for a bachelor’s degree program or NTD 20,000 for master’s degree and PhD programs.