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Premier Lai: The Government Will Do its Utmost With Regard to Anti-Drug Issues

President Tsai has repeatedly stressed that Taiwan’s drug problem is an important issue which the government must deal with. It presents a real challenge to our national development, as it affects people’s health and causes various social and school safety problems. Governments at all levels must be responsible for doing their utmost to prevent the use of illegal drugs.
Premier Lai has also said that the domestic drug problem is becoming more serious in Taiwan. Class I and Class II drug recidivists are mainly suffering from drug addiction, while Class III and Class IV recidivists are mostly influenced by social and environmental temptations. By helping drug users to stay away from temptations and change their living environments could effectively help them quit.
Lai indicated that information shows many Class II and Class IV drugs are manufactured locally in Taiwan. The government must deal with this issue by learning about and understanding all relevant details, and then finding ways to solve the problem. It is the government’s responsibility to formulate and employ new strategies in a pragmatic way so that we can succeed in drug prevention.
Lai also said that 60% of the Taiwanese people are dissatisfied with the results of the government’s drug prevention program, and have lost confidence in the administration. If the government does not step up its efforts, this problem will become increasingly serious. Thus Lai has urged all relevant departments to do their best to help solve drug problem.