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“Muse – Let’s Explore Together! (Muse 同樂遊) ” – 2018 National Social Education Institution Activities Campaign

Libraries and museums are just like knowledge time machines. Their collections, books, and exhibitions preserve a record of the progress of human culture, art, and science. And they also record the evolutionary stories of living creatures, and oceans and land. You can dig into their treasure troves and gain knowledge and wisdom. This winter vacation, the libraries and museums under the MOE are planning a campaign of activities: Muse – Let’s Explore Together! (Muse 同樂遊). You’re warmly invited to go visiting libraries and museums and take a journey on the time machines created by these national social education institutions. Explore the meanings and stories of their different collections, books and exhibitions and experience the joy of nature’s mysteries and human wisdom. We’re sure that this will enrich your winter vacation.
The following ten exhibitions at social education institutions under the MOE are specially recommended:

1.Museum Exhibitions:
(1)Land Based Reef Coral Building Project Exhibition (陸上造礁 2017 針織珊瑚計畫特展)” - at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology
(2)Reduce Litter, Hen Got Style (減廢,hen 有型)” - at the National Taiwan Science Education Center
(3)Hyper Reality – Virtual Space Time Fantasy Adventure exhibition (超實境 – 虛擬時空奇幻歷險展) - at the National Museum of Natural Science
(4)Explore the Internet of Things Exhibition (愛的萬物論–探索物聯網) - at the National Science and Technology Museum
(5)Infinite Movements of Marine Life (游.行–海洋生物移動不設限) - at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

2.Library Exhibitions:
(1)The Imprint of Civilization: The Amazing Journey of Books (文明的印記:圖書的奇幻旅程) - at the National Central Library, National Taiwan Library, and the National Library of Public Information, as part of the 2018 Taipei International Book Exhibition (2018年第26屆台北國際書展)
(2)Writing the journey @ Taiwan (書寫旅圖@臺灣巡迴展) - a touring exhibition currently at the National Library of Public Information, King Car Cultural & Educational Foundation, and Formosa Television
(3)The Eye of Empire – Historical Constabulary Book Exhibition (帝國之眼 – 館藏舊籍警務類書展) - at the National Taiwan Library

3.Other Exhibitions:
(1)A Special Exhibition on Lin Hsien-Tang (發聲 – 林獻堂特展) - at the National Education Radio [在教育電台獻堂館一樓展出]
(2)National Student Art Exhibition (全國學生美展) - at the National Taiwan Arts Education Center

MOE libraries and museums are planning a campaign of multiple awesome activities early this year: more than 100 lectures, 460 workshops, 350 camps, and 1300 exhibitions. To give you the opportunity to take part and explore their treasures, the MOE has set up the “Muse – Let’s explore together! (Muse 同樂遊)” website and will post related information on Line and Facebook.
Walk into museums and libraries with your family and friends during this winter vacation. You’ll definitely get a lot out of it!

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