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2018 Global Youth Trends Forum


2018 Global Youth Trends Forum was held today, October 31st, 2018. The eight-day-seven-night programme attract almost a hundred youth participants from 19 countries’ Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Germany, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, UK, US and Vietnam to attend this exciting event.

In order to focus on three major topics: Global Office - Talent Mobility Beyond Borders, Be a World Traveler - Grand Tour Globally, and Speak up for Our Future - Participation in Society and the World, Youth Development Administration had arranged the eight days and seven nights visit and exchange programme, including to visit a series of Taiwan youth organizations, cultural agencies and grand tour spot that not only with natural and cultural exchange activities, but also exciting activities for multi-experience learning to explore the diversity of Taiwan.

The youth from 19 countries will visit many places in Hualien, Yilan, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, and Taipei from youth entrepreneurship, Placemaking, local habitation activation, nature and humanities. They will experience Sweet Millet Dumpling of indigenous people, the Harvest festival song and dance, ancient tea plucking, calligraphy, cyanotype, and more. In the morning panel discussion, A Malaysian delegate shared that tea is also common in Malaysia but the varieties and tastes are different from Taiwan. He/She is expecting tea frying and tea rolling for the first time, and to learn the tea making process. The delegate from Israel is looking forward to visit the temple in Daxi. Temples in Taiwan and Jewish synagogues have totally different styles. The temples in Taiwan have vivid roof-figures with special meanings, integrating religious symbols with history and arts. The visits to Stanley Wang D-school @ NTU and Job Taole Career Development Center in Hsinchu allowed the delegates to better understand the mechanisms, channels and resources provided by the Taiwanese government for youth entrepreneurship, employment and career guidance. It is believed that the visit will spark many innovative ideas and wonderful friendships.

The highlighting event is the Global Youth Trends Forum on November 3 and 4 will gather the youth, experts and scholars, representatives of the relevant central ministries, and representatives from embassies and missions in Taiwan focusing on development and outlook on three dimension: youth career development, international and experimental learning, and public participation affairs. The forum will discuss youth development affairs from Taiwan and other representing countries’ experience. The all-star line-up will surely strike sparks. Interested in knowing more highlights of the event? Please visit Youth Development Administration website at and iYiuth Platform for Making Youth’s International Dream Happen at for more information.