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Satisfaction poll of government’s strategy to combat drug abuse: 87.7% of respondents are satisfied with government efforts to combat drug abuse on campus


The Ministry of Education cooperated with the Executive Yuan to implement “New-generation strategy to combat drug abuse” on May, 2017. The establishment of drug prevention and control notification networks on campuses has been actively strengthened, and its effectiveness was tested four times in a survey. According to the result of the government’s strategy to combat drug abuse satisfaction poll in 2018, provided by National Development Council: in “the gradual establishment of hotspots and patrol network between all school levels and police offices, and the measures of increasing patrol numbers in high-risk places”, and “the establishment of reporting and contact liaisons of drug dealers between educational institutes and police offices”, the average satisfaction poll results were 88.7% and 87.7% respectively. This result indicates that the public approve and support the strategy to combat drug abuse on campus.

The aforementioned public poll was undertaken by the organization of a third party consigned by National Development Council. During the year, four different investigations of the poll were carried out by random sampling, with more than 1,000 citizens, age more than 20 years old, who have residence numbers ending with the number 2. The final average of the poll showed that 69.7% of the respondents are satisfied with government’s strategy to combat drug abuse and the reliability of the poll is 95% with only a sampling error of 2.92% or lower.