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“Anti-drug Healthy New Century˙Love and Care Come Together” National Anti-drug Exposition Activity


To demonstrate the results of the Executive Yuan’s promotion of New Century Anti-drug Strategies, the Ministry of Education held a grand national anti-drug activity at Kaohsiung Arena and its surroundings on 1st, June (Saturday).

The Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan Chen, Chi-Mai and the Political Deputy Minister Lio, Mon-Chi were invited to attend this activity. They made the declaration “Anti-drug pilot navigators, working together” with all anti-drug navigators in elementary schools from all cities and counties. They also rang the bell to start up the engine of the model ship (named the Cruise Against Drugs), which mastered the raging seas, and resisting all drugs, followed a safe course to arrive in full health at the port.

The anti-drug exposition activities included 55 anti-drug stands; 3D anti-drug art zones, AR and VR experience zones were open to the public; scavenger hunts, prize draws, and performances were also included. These entertainment and educational activities were aimed at helping people to thoroughly understand the importance of anti-drug knowledge. More than 8,000 people participated in this activity on that day.