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National Social Education Institutions toward the Internationalization Promoting Multiple Bilingual Special Exhibitions


Summer vacation is about to count down, so hurry to catch the tail-end of it: a visit to a national social education institution is your best choice! National social education institutions have been continuously internationalized, providing services in multiple languages. In addition to the bilingual sign boards in the institutions, and English guide services available, multiple bilingual special exhibitions are on offer. For instance, the special exhibition of “Seeking Seeds” and the special exhibition of “Realm of the Leopard Cat” in the National Museum of Natural Science, which are presented in both Chinese and English, and the bilingual description of the contents of the exhibitions are provided on the website. National Science and Technology Museum also provides English guide services in the “Weather Exhibition of Snowfall.” National Taiwan Library builds English learning environments and activities, and organizes the activity of “Little Bear Story Time.” Through story-telling, dancing with music, situational decorations, and extensive hands-on activities, joyful and fun activities are there for everybody during summer vacations. All are welcomed to visit national social education institutions; why not bring your foreign friends to share and use facilities in institutions with full bilingual service!